I Thought I Was “Too Fat” for Short Hair. I Was So Wrong.

Welcome back to the Learning Curve, a monthly column where we unpack the complicated experience of accepting your own body in a world that doesn’t seem to want you to. This month, news editor Nicola Dall’Asen reflects on the internalized fatphobia that convinced her she’d look horrible with short hair — and how she broke … Read more

In 2022, It’s Still Impossibly Hard for Me to Be a Fat Content Creator Online

This is the reality for many fat content creators. “Over time, you develop a thick skin, and the comments start to affect you less and less — but it doesn’t stop them from coming in,” says Carina Shero, a plus-size content creator, model, and burlesque dancer who’s been active for nearly 16 years. She’s amassed … Read more

The Romantic Comedy Movie Genre Is Still Failing Fat Women

This isn’t a new trope; one of my favorite romantic comedies ever, The Last Holiday From 2006, stars the legendary Queen Latifah as a shy department store saleswoman and aspiring chef who is mistakenly diagnosed with brain tumors and told she’ll only live a few more weeks. This jump-starts her dream life: she quits her … Read more