A Man and His Mother – May 2022

Here’s a six-step process I’ve put together that outlines how to break free of our mother wounds and reset the pattern of how we relate to women: 1 Dear Mama The emotional or physical absence of the average Dad destroys a boy’s chance of bonding with him, which means—for many of us—we go to Mom … Read more

The Life Changing Power of Telling the Truth – September 2021

For me, the single most thrilling aspect of life coaching—and why I became a men’s coach at all—is because I love watching guys get honest with themselves and with each other. I find truth between guys so exhilarating, because it’s the exact opposite of how I grew up. The men in my family had a … Read more

A Guy’s Gotta Love Himself First – February 2022

I started seeing a Los Angeles-based therapist who specializes in love addiction. In our first session, he told me something that rocked me: “You have to change your definition of love, Sean,” he said. “To you, love has meant intensity, anxiety, the high of getting your parents’ fleeting attention for a few minutes … and … Read more