This Bronzing Oil Is Available for Early Access on the Sephora App Today and It’s Really Good

I’m not super deft in the bronzing-oil-for-the-face department. No matter what I do or what I apply, it always seems to look OK in the mirror, but less-than-mediocre in real life. (After testing the latest “glow-from-within” product recently, my brother told me my face looked like a rum ham, which I think is safe to say was not intended as a compliment.)

Enter caliray’s new just add rays glow boosting drops ($34), a “clean” and lightweight multitasking body-and-face bronzing oil that the California-cool beauty wizards Wende Zomnir and Jenna Dover cooked up to deliver a very “juicy, luminous, satiny skin” experience. And they’ve achieved it to complete mango coconut-scented success—even making it a no-brainer, foolproof product for those of us who aren’t typically skilled with this specific category.

To say the sheer organic oil–infused drops—there’s also a ton of omega fatty acids and vitamin E in the formula—give a buildable “sun-kissed” glow seems like a gross understatement, so whatever that adjective means times 100 is the best way to describe the miracle-worker, which launches at Sephora this Tuesday. (Bonus: Radiant-skin seekers can grab it early on the Sephora app today.)

Using the drops isn’t that complicated, but I did find that they looked the best—in the mirror and in real life—when I applied the tiniest half-drop post-SPF (the formula looks fairly sparkly in the bottle, but it definitely doesn’t give disco ball-like results). Likewise, Zomnir and Dover recommend “the drizzle” method, ie, you apply the drops directly to skin with a light hand, but they also say the drops work “magic” when mixed with a primer, skin tint or any kind of body and skin care

Either way, while it might be too early to start a solid list of summer skin-care essentials, it’s safe to say, no matter how you get the drops on your skin, this one is a “do.”

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