Which Is Best For Your B*ner?

If you’re a man who suffers from erectile dysfunction, then there is a very good chance you would have looked into both Viagra as a potential drug to help alleviate your problems. But Viagra isn’t the only pill on the market you can pop to help your soldier stand proud, as Cialis is another drug that works in a very similar way.

But which is going to be the best one for you? Ultimately, it could come down to your own personal make-up, as both Cialis and Viagra work in similar ways, but have different characteristics, so the best solution could be to try both and see which one has the most positive effect.

Of course, in order to get your hands on either medication, you will need to consult with a doctor first to determine if your erectile dysfunction issues are psychological or physiological.

We’re going to run you through the difference between both drugs, the ingredients they contain and the benefits and potential risks, to help you overcome erectile dysfunction.

What is erectile dysfunction?

Erectile dysfunction, commonly abbreviated to ED and otherwise known as impotence, refers to when the male penis is unable to become erect or stay erect during sexual activity. Erectile dysfunction can be caused by either psychological or physiological problems, and its the latter that both Cialis and Viagra aim to rectify.

Physiological causes of ED can include cardiovascular disease, diabetes, neurological problems or due to the side effects of drugs, including alcohol (which has spawned the term, whiskey dick). Psychological problems are normally related to self-image, thoughts and feelings, and these are grouped under a term known as performance anxiety.

According to The Royal Australian College of General Practitioners (RACGP), erectile dysfunction affects approximately 40% of Australian men.

Cialis vs Viagra

Cialis and Viagra are incredibly similar in the fact that they are both PDE5 inhibitors. The medication name for Cialis is tadalafil and for Viagra, it is sildenafil. By being PDE5 inhibitors, both Cialis and Viagra work by relaxing the smooth muscle cells in the blood vessels that supply the penis. This allows blood to flow to the penis more easily and should create an erection.

Because the active ingredient is technically different for the two, however, there is a chance some men will react better to one than the other.

A common misconception for both drugs is that they will simply induce an erection, but this isn’t the case. For either drug to work, you do still need to be sexually stimulated in order to facilitate the blood flow to the penis in the first place. If you take either drug and find you’re still not able to get an erection, it could just be you’re not sexually stimulated enough during sexual activity.

How long do Cialis and Viagra last?

The main difference between Cialis and Viagra is how long their effects last in your body. Cialis can last up to 18-hours in the body whereas Viagra will last only 4 – 6 hours.

It’s also claimed that you may feel the effects of Cialis in your body up to 36-hours after you take it.

The other main difference between Cialis and Viagra is the dosages they are available in. Cialis is available in a low-dosage form of 2.5mg, which means it can be taken daily if necessary, so that some of the drug is always in your body. Viagra is only available in three dosages, with the lowest being 25mg. It shouldn’t be taken daily.

How long do Cialis and Viagra take to work?

Both Cialis and Viagra can be taken as little as 30-minutes before sexual activity, but you can take Cialis up to 2 hours before you plan to have sex and Viagra, up to an hour. Both Cialis and Viagra may cause you to maintain an erection after ejaculation and both can also help to minimise the time it takes to get an erection again, if you want to go for round 2.

How to take Cialis and Viagra?

Another key difference between Cialis and Viagra is in their dosages. It is possible to take Cialis as a daily medication, as it is available in both 2.5mg and 5mg dosages, which for many will be safe enough to take on a daily basis so that some of the drug is always in your body. This can be useful if your sexual activity is spontaneous enough to the point where you wouldn’t be able to take a higher dose pill 30 minutes to one hour beforehand.

Viagra is only available in 25mg, 50mg and 100mg dosages. These dosages are too high to be taken safely on a daily basis, and so Viagra should only be taken as and when required. You shouldn’t take more than one Viagra tablet on a daily basis, regardless of dosage amount. A normal dosage of Viagra is 50mg, but the strength prescribed by your GP can be influenced by age and state of health. It’s normal for men over 65 to be prescribed a lower dosage, as it can minimise side effects.

Side Effects of Cialis and Viagra

Both Cialis and Viagra do come with their own potential side effects, so it is important to speak with your GP about both options before one is prescribed. This is also why neither Cialis nor Viagra are available as over-the-counter medications.

Cialis Side Effects

Side effects of Cialis can include muscle pain and aches, which can last up to 2 days after you’ve taken the drug. However, most muscle pain and aches (if you experience any at all) should alleviate once the drug is out of your system. There is also the potential of experiencing dizziness or in more serious cases, priapism, an incredibly painful erection that can last a few hours.

Viagra Side Effects

Potential side effects of Viagra are deemed as mild, and can include headache, dizziness, nasal congestion, heartburn and back or muscle pain. If you do experience any side effects, they are likely to go away within a few days or at most, a couple of weeks. If any side effects persist, you should consult with your GP.

Viagra can cause more serious side effects, but the chances are incredibly unlikely. They include, like Cialis, priapism, loss of vision and/or hearing, allergic reactions, heart problems and low blood pressure.

How to get Cialis and Viagra in Australia

Both Cialis and Viagra are only available on a prescription basis in Australia. This means you will need to be assessed by a doctor, who will then give you a prescription for one of the medications and with a specified dosage. Once you have a prescription, you are then able to buy Cialis and Viagra online, but you will need to have your prescription assessed before you’re able to make the purchase.

The main reason for Cialis and Viagra only being available with a prescription is because there is the potential you could end up buying fake pills online without one. Only pharmacies and authorised online stores in Australia are able to sell genuine Cialis and Viagra pills.

How much are Cialis and Viagra in Australia?

If you are prescribed Cialis or Viagra by your doctor, you will then need to pay for the pills. Viagra is the most affordable option of the two, especially when you consider Cialis can be taken on a daily basis, meaning you will need to buy more of them.

Cialis cost in Australia

According to Simple Online DoctorCialis in the following dosages and pill amounts in Australia:

  • 5mg x 28 tablets – $67.95
  • 10mg x 4 tablets – $49.95
  • 20mg x 4 tablets – $49.95
  • 20mg x 8 tablets – $67.95

Viagra cost in Australia

According to Simple Online DoctorViagra in the following dosages and pill amounts in Australia:

  • 25mg x 4 tablets – $27.95
  • 50mg x 4 tablets – $28.95
  • 100mg x 4 tablets – $29.95
  • 100mg x 12 tablets – $61.95

Alternatives to Cialis and Viagra

Cialis and Viagra are probably the two most well-known drugs to treat erectile dysfunction. However, there are some other drugs, including Levitra and Stendra that also work in similar ways. Levitra takes longer to work than Viagra, although with a one-hour recommended timeframe before sexual activity, it’s hardly long.

Levitra also has fewer side effects than Viagra and can also be taken in smaller doses. In fact, it could well be one of the best treatments for ED. As with the other drugs, however, you do still need a prescription in order to get your hands on it.

Stendra, which is known in Australia as Spedra, meanwhile, is considered a second-generation medication and is said to be able to work in as little as 15-minutes after taking it. Stendra/Spedra pills are available in a higher dosage compared to its competitors, and it’s also claimed that it will still work even if the user has consumed alcohol or eaten a lot of food.

There are also herbal medicines that claim to work in similar ways to Cialis, Viagra and other alternatives. One of the most well-known of these is Horny Goat Weed. However, actual clinical trials looking into its effectiveness at treating ED remain scarce.

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