Why The End Of ‘Money Heist’ Was A Massive Let-Down

Money Heist (also named La Casa De Papel) is hands down one of the most thrilling and engaging crime dramas in recent history. With that being said, the ending was a tad underwhelming. Spoiler alert: the following article contains spoilers for both Money Heist and Game of Thrones.

The Spanish television series, Money Heist was exceptionally well-written throughout. But that meant it was almost impossible for the writers to give fans a truly satisfying ending. This is because fans became so accustomed to flawless plotlines, they ultimately formed unrealistic expectations for the finale.

But from the beginning of Money Heist, viewers were encouraged to root for the gang to succeed in their heist. And after pulling off their Royal Mint of Spain robbery in Season 2, it was almost obvious that the gang would, of course, once again triumph in their Bank of Spain heist.

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Which they did, in an almost clichéd happy ending – leaving many fans discontented with the ending, as it was ‘unrealistic’. Yes, the idea that the government would let the gang go without facing any sort of consequences for their actions bordered on illogical but the whole series was unfeasible, in many ways, from the beginning.

So, if you can suspend your reality to watch the entire five seasons, sure you can keep it suspended for the final moments of the last episode too?

Sure, the last episode of Money Heist was underwhelming but that’s better than being straight-up bad. Image Credit: Netflix

Many fans also wished the series had ended on a more bittersweet note with more characters tragically dying. But after Tokyo – who narrated the entire series from episode one – died, I’m sure the writers felt that the gang had lost an integral character and therefore, it would have been too much for anyone else to die (especially considering that over the course of the series, Oslo, Moscow, Berlin and Nairobi also died).

I’m of the opinion that the writers did the best they could; if more characters had died or if the gang ended up going to jail, I think the Money Heist finale would’ve been universally hated. Whereas, the finale, as is, was okay; not good, not great but also not bad.

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Which I think was intentional. The writers probably decided early on not to take any risks with the ending, as an okay ending is far superior to a terrible ending – think about how much flack the writers of Game of Thrones copped for their dismal finale, which was radically criticized due to its plotlines like Daenerys snap-changing into the mad queen and Bran becoming king.

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Overall, yes the ending to Money Heist wasn’t as good as previous episodes in the series and wasn’t a strong ten out of ten (AKA kind of shit). However, in this day and age, it’s rare for a television series to end ‘perfectly’ and so, a slightly above-average ending is much better than a complete and utter disastrous ending – meaning Money Heist‘s kind-of-shit-finale could actually be considered as good…

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